Brighton Street Art in the North Laines

Brighton Street Art

I’ve just spent a chilly few days exploring the streets of Brighton and spotted these amazing murals in the backstreets of the North Laines.

Brighton Street Art

Despite the grey and cold they really do brighten up what would otherwise be dull and dirty back alleys. They have been up for a few years now and remain untouched, whoever said graffiti attracts vandalism was wrong. They haven’t been flyposted or vandalised.

Regent Street Brighton

Surely they must be inspiring to other young street artists and people visiting the city. The North Laines area is a great place to shop, eat and drink, with lots of little independent boutiques, cafes, restaurants and pubs.

Brighton Street ArtI like all of them but especially this next one of Aung San Suu Kyi as she is a bit of a hero of mine.


When I lived in Brighton and Hove five years ago I used to like walking down to the marina from the city centre. Just before you reached the marina car park there was a stretch of disused land with a long stretch of concrete wall and some amazing ever changing murals. I didn’t have time to discover if this stretch was still there. I hope it is.

Brighton Street Art

3 thoughts on “Brighton Street Art in the North Laines

      • I LOVE street art. Been a fan of that for several years now. Use to share a lot of photos of street art on Facebook.

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