Summer time


It has been a challenge updating Miss Chipie over the summer. I have been working longer hours and spending all my spare time with my son. The housework has slid completely. Oh well, I figure I can always catch up on it when term time comes around.


Its always nice when I can combine a post for Miss Chipie with a little family adventure, whether its a trip to an art gallery or mystery walk. Before the torrential rain came at the weekend we headed out one sunny evening last week and ended up on the park as the sun was setting. I gave my son the camera and encouraged him to snap away. As we strolled around we noticed spikey conker shells, just beginning to grow on the horse chestnut trees, a sure sign that Autumn will soon be on its way.


I also got a couple of shots of my tree, the one I used to walk past every day on my way to work. I’ve photographed it through Winter, Spring and now Summer for a little project I imaginatively entitled Project Tree. Now just to capture its leaves turning brown and falling but not yet, not just yet, I’d like summer to stay a little longer.

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