Same Tree, Different Seasons

Ashton Park Tree

Way back in March I posted about a little project I had started at the beginning of the year. Project Tree was my way of doing something creative every day, even if it was just taking a picture.


I passed this tree every morning on my way to work and I loved it’s shape, it reminded me of a brain. It caught my eye every time I stomped by. So I started to take it’s photo.


I loved seeing ‘my tree’ every morning and would look forward to seeing how or if it had changed. Of course it did, as Spring came little buds started to sprout.


As the weeks sailed past I noticed gradual changes, the weather felt more clemant and I was no longer clad in thick tights and four layers. The buds seemed more abundant, I couldn’t wait for them to burst open.


The tree kept me grounded on tough weeks. Trees don’t shout at you. After hot weekends I would trundle onto the park and discover the tree thick with leaves.


Then with even thicker foliage.


We get plenty of rain up here in the North West of England, the tree just needed some hot summer sunshine. By June it was in bloom. Sadly that was the month that job finished. I vowed to keep photographing the tree.


Throughout the summer holidays I was busy working elsewhere. I managed to keep popping up to the park to see the tree. Sometimes at different times of day.


Then when Autumn came I started a new course, with little time to spare I hoped I wouldn’t miss the first signs of leaves falling. Here they are turning a golden colour ever so slightly.


Everytime I popped back up the tree was still clinging onto it’s leaves, oddly enough when many others had shed theirs. Then earlier this week I visited and took this photograph below. It reminds me of a litle old man losing his hair.


So as the tree goes to sleep for the Winter I will finish off the project. I expect after the winds we have had today that few leaves will be left on the tree when I nip up on foot tomorrow. I have amassed over fifty photos. I think I will collate them, make a collage and give it to the park ranger. What a lovely project it has been. I hope you like it.


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