KAWS at Yorkshire Sculpture Park


One of the highlights of this year so far has been catching the work of New York based artist KAWS at Yorkshire Sculpture Park. The park combines contemporary and modern art with nature, with sculptures and works of art by some of the world’s finest artists dotted about 500 acres of countryside. It provided the perfect backdrop to the artist’s giant, playful sculptures at this, his first UK museum exhibition.


The artist began his career at a grafitti artist, earning recognition through subverting ads on bus shelters and billboards. He graduated from the School of Visual Arts in New York with a degree in illustration and briefly went to work for Disney. Indeed his oversized sculptures in fibreglass and wood are like goliath sized Mickey Mouse characters, with crosses for eyes.


Yorkshire Sculpture Park is a great place to introduce art to children; they can run, jump and play in and around the sculptures. We spent a full afternoon exploring the rambling estate, stopping off to watch a family of geese taking their little goslings out for a sunny, Sunday stroll.


The park also features a cafe, parking and a well stocked shop. Definitely worth a visit if you are heading up to the wilds of Yorkshire.

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KAWS at Yorkshire Sculpture Park until 12th June 2016
Longside Gallery and open air

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