Manicure Mania


Nail technician and beautician Alison Lee has show-stopping nails nailed this season. Her bold and beautiful hand painted designs perfectly complement summer skin. I fell in love with these sophisticated, graphic nails that she created for a friend. With such flair for nail art it’s no surprise that her salon Decadence Nails, Beauty and Training has been rated as one of top three nail salons in Chester. I wanted to find out more… 

Tell me a little bit about who you are and what you do. I’m an ex army wife. I have been married for sixteen years. I have three children with ASD, four dogs, a bearded dragon, two corn snakes and two hamsters. I’ve been doing nail enhancements for sixteen years and beauty for ten. I lived in Germany for fourteen years and moved to Cheshire in 2012.

I’ve always been creative so I love being able to apply my creativeness onto clients’ nails so they can enjoy them too! I love every treatment I provide and the best part is knowing that you’ve made your client feel good.


Where do you find inspiration for such striking nail art? Inspiration is everywhere! Colours, shapes…there is nothing that doesn’t inspire me. The most difficult design for me is if a client comes in with a design to recreate as I’m tied creatively. Sometimes I’m able to put my own spin on them but usually it blocks my sight.

Do you paint the designs onto the nail yourself? All of my designs are hand painted, no stickers and no stamps.

 How long does it take? It really depends on the intricacy and techniques used. Anything from five minutes to one and a half hours

 How long do the designs last? A design should last until the following infill appointment in 2-3 weeks and still be in great condition.


What should a customer look for in a nail salon? I urge clients to fully research a salon before having their nails done. It is essential that they look for qualifications (you have every right to request seeing these!) and make sure that insurance and hygiene methods are in place e.g. glass on desk containing diluted barbicide (blue liquid), products are in clearly labelled containers, the salon is a clean and tidy environment with ventilation and there are sanitising sprays for files and hands. Being able to just walk in isn’t always a great thing..having to book in advance is a sign of a good nail technician/beautician who is in high demand.


 Do you have three top tips for people wishing to take better care of their nails? My top 3 tips for taking better care of your nails would definitely be; cuticle oil, gloves and maintenance.

•Cuticle oil at least once a day to hydrate the nails surrounding skin, massage fingers during application to stimulate blood flow which will assist growth and condition

•Disposable gloves when cleaning, chopping veg, gardening etc to avoid premature damage, staining or lifting.

•Maintenance…manicures 7-10 days and enhancements between 2-4 weeks depending on your nail growth. Leaving appointments for as long as possible will alter the nail structure and enhancements will become weak and top heavy enabling serious damage including lifting and the enhancement snapping along the middle usually resulting in splitting the natural nail plate down to the nail bed.

Decadence Nails, Beauty and Training, 4 Summerfield Road, Chester T: 01244 300063

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