24 Acts of Random Mischief


24 Acts of Random Mischief

Sick to the back teeth of staring into sunsets and counting your blessings? Fed up of the happy brigade imploring you to spread good cheer? Would you rather give a random stranger a scowl rather than a smile? My EVIL ADVENT calendar works like a normal advent calendar but instead of the usual chocolate countdown I suggest you embrace the true spirit of Scrooge by completing these 24 random acts of mischief.

1st December

Convince your next-door neighbour that you have purchased a cat by leaving your unique signature by their front door and across their lawn.


2nd December

Pay for your week’s shopping in a busy city centre mini supermarket with uncounted two pence pieces. Drop them mid count and start again.

3rd December

Scream when the hairy exhibitionist at your local gym strips off in the changing area and shout ‘Rat!’

4th December

Sabotage your young niece’s festive dot to dot by drawing a line from 24 to 36.

5th December

Spend time getting to know local residents, then ignore them.

6th December

Request the finer details of every Sparks card deal at the busiest till your local M&S, much to the bemusement of a snaking queue of pensioners.

7th December

Accuse the office chatterbox of nicking all your pens on Christmas jumper day. Don’t back down.

8th December

Retract every compliment you have ever given. In writing. Don’t hold back.

9th December

Give overdue library books as Christmas gifts.

10th December

Befriend people in local cafés, regal them with upbeat tales and ask if you can join them at their table. When their meal arrives change tack and describe in detail a recent, horrific bowel movement. Use plenty of adjectives.

11th December

Now’s the time to start crafting your own Christmas cards with coloured card and crude poster paint prints of your nether regions.

12th December

Phone an old acquaintance and describe, at length, their three worst qualities. Suggest they do the same to you. Put the phone down before they have chance to speak.

13th December

Repeatedly lie to a competitive friend about how many steps you have completed. Start off with a slight exaggeration and add a random number, higher than 158, every day. 207 works well.


14th December

Sign all your Christmas cards ‘Best Wishes Nigel Farage x’

15th December

Wipe your bum with your wrist and ask a painted lady in your local department store for a similar scent for your wife for Christmas.

16th December

Get on board with the bottle flipping craze and challenge your elderly Uncle Monty to a game with his most expensive bottle of port.

17th December

Wake everyone up at 5am bellowing ‘It’sssssss Christmassssss!’.


18th December

Take week old fruit to the office’s festive Jacob’s Join, without apology. Then eat all the good stuff everyone else has brought.


19th December

Wrap up an empty box for a friend in fancy paper with ribbons and bows and sing Evil Blizzard’s ‘Nothing For Christmas’ quietly as they open it. Ask them if they like it.

20th December

Hold an impromptu mannequin challenge during a particularly manic late night shopping session in town. Don’t move until someone calls the police.

21st December

Go to the pub with friends for Christmas drinks. Spend ages trying to decide what to have, holding everyone up at the bar, then opt for a glass of tap water with a twist of lime and three ice cubes. Repeat five times, varying the number of ice cubes.

22nd December

Turn that frown into a scowl.

23rd December

Find the temperature control settings in your local M&S and crank up the heat.

24th December

Play festive knock a door run, in the nude.


Merry Christmas,

© Maureen of Barnsley.

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